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Function characteristics of cow manure organic fertilizer production equipment

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Function characteristics of cow manure organic fertilizer production equipment Empty Function characteristics of cow manure organic fertilizer production equipment

Post by huamachinery Thu Apr 23, 2020 2:54 pm

Cattle farms produce a lot of cow dung every day, so it is necessary to pay attention to the treatment of odor, odor collection and construction of deodorization facilities. The fermentation period of cow manure is about 15 days. Compared with traditional farm manure, the fermentation period is shorter and the maturity is higher. The fermentation period will not seriously affect the surrounding environment.

Cow manure organic fertilizer production equipment mainly includes cow manure fermentation compost turner machine, drum dryer, cooler, organic fertilizer granulator, screening machine and so on.
Function characteristics of cow manure organic fertilizer production equipment Cow-dung-organic-fertilizer-production-equipment
1. Cow dung fermentation and composting machine
The compost turner is mainly used to mix the organic solid waste with water content less than 60% with auxiliary materials (plant straw, etc.) and microbial fermentation agent, and make it fully mature, sterilized, deodorized and dehydrated through continuous aerobic fermentation in the pool. The moisture content of the decomposed material is generally in the range of 30-35%. After screening, it can be directly used for pelletizing to produce spherical organic fertilizer or powdered organic fertilizer.

2. Drum dryer
The drum dryer continuously and evenly sprays the dry hot air flow on the accumulation layer of the granular fertilizer for heat value exchange, and the moisture is continuously accumulated on the upper part of the dryer and quickly emptied. The dryer has the characteristics of advanced technology, unique structure, full heat value exchange, energy saving and high efficiency. The drying temperature is controllable, which can effectively guarantee the activity of microorganism. It is a breakthrough in the technology of low temperature and high efficiency drying of bio organic fertilizer.

3. Organic fertilizer granulator
The new pelletizing technology is adopted in this machine, which makes organic materials continuously knead in the pelletizing area to form a sphere, with smooth particle shape, high pelletizing rate and low energy consumption. The pelletizing efficiency of organic fertilizer pelletizer is higher than that of traditional extrusion pelletizer. It is the core of cattle manure organic fertilizer production equipment.

4. Drum screener machine
The particles enter the screening machine through the conveying device, and the screening machine selects qualified products for packaging. The machine has unique structure, good screening effect, less investment, low energy consumption and reliable operation.

Compared with the manure treatment equipment, the investment of the organic fertilizer production equipment is smaller and the cost is lower. A ton of cow dung (with various organic matters and nutrients) can be sold at a good price. The richer the organic matter and nutrient elements are, the higher the selling price is. The selling price of granular fertilizer is higher than that of powdered organic fertilizer. Huaqiang fertilizer equipment company provides a complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment and NPK fertilizer production line, as well as full one-stop services to meet your needs.


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