How to Preventing Caking from the NPK Fertilizer Production Process

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How to Preventing Caking from the NPK Fertilizer Production Process Empty How to Preventing Caking from the NPK Fertilizer Production Process

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NPK compound fertilizer is prone to cake because of its strength, moisture content, storage and so on. This article will prevent caking from the process operation of NPK fertilizer production process.

NPK fertilizer production equipment produce products with smooth and uniform particles
Non-uniform particles, too many fine particles, non-smooth fertilizer, the compressive resistance, wear resistance is also poor, easy to be compressed and deformed in storage and transportation. The contact area between particles increase, which is easy to agglomerate. In order to produce products with uniform and smooth particle size, appropriate granulator should be selected. Disc granulator and rotary drum granulator can produce moderate size particles and meet the requirements. If there is a higher requirement for the shape of the particles, it can also be combined with the ball shaping machine to polish the particles to ensure that the shape is qualified.

Strengthening the control of screening machine
In order to ensure the consistency of particle size and reduce the caking of powder, the product needs to be screened. According to the particle size of the product, different screens can be selected, and secondary screening can be selected in the process. Pay attention to the material screening in production, timely clean the screen.

Dryer reduces product water content
NPK compound fertilizer has a high water content, which will lead to salt reaction and cause hardening. The higher the water content, the easier the particles to agglomerate. Therefore, the NPK compound fertilizer production line must use a dryer to reduce the moisture content to the allowable range.

After the particle is dried by the dryer, the temperature is higher and the hygroscopicity effect will appear, so it needs to be cooled. The cooler reduces the material temperature to room temperature, and the product can be saved.

Coating treatment is used in NPK fertilizer production process
Choose the suitable material and use the coating machine to coat the particles. At the same time, pay attention to the amount of wrapping agent added. The amount of wrapping agent added is small, the particles are not wrapped completely, the effect is poor; the amount of adding is large, the wrapping oil will infiltrate into the inside of the NPK fertilizer, and the product is easy to cake.


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