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How to decompose organic materials in organic fertilizer manufacturing process

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How to decompose organic materials in organic fertilizer manufacturing process Empty How to decompose organic materials in organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Post by tianci Mon Mar 01, 2021 2:43 pm

Organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment process organic materials into fertilizer products after a series of treatment. In this organic fertilizer manufacturing process, it is very important to decompose organic materials. Many users don't know how organic materials are decomposed in organic fertilizer production equipment. Here is a brief explanation.

In the process of decomposition of organic materials, organic materials become small molecular humic acid under the decomposition of microorganisms, decompose unusable nutrients into available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and transform macromolecular proteins into small molecular amino acids to realize the degradation of organic materials, which is a process of organic matter transformation.

At the same time, the compost material also gathers a lot of heat to make the temperature of the pile body reach above 60 ℃, and for a period of time, it has a killing effect on pathogenic bacteria and weed seeds, etc., to achieve the process of harmless composting. In the fermentation process of organic fertilizer, the compost turning machine should be used to turn and toss regularly to supply enough air to ensure oxygen consumption fermentation.

The low-temperature aging process of organic fertilizer can enable microorganisms to reproduce gently and continue to decompose organic materials. In addition, in the process of propagation and decomposition of organic materials, it can secrete a large amount of biostimulants to improve the quality and efficiency of organic fertilizer.

However, a large amount of oxygen is required during the active period of microorganisms. The height of trough compost is high, and it is difficult for oxygen to enter. Therefore, external force is required to force aeration into the pile body. Use organic fertilizer turning equipment to process materials, with high ventilation rate and full automatic control. The fermented materials are then processed into organic compound fertilizer using a fertilizer granulator or other granulation equipment.


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